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n addition to pre-opened bags on a roll, Polyrol manufactures durable flat packaging film and lay flat poly tubing in various films, sizes and styles, for your packaging operation.

Select from our film options that will work best for your products.


Clear Polyethylene

This high-pressure, low-density polyethylene material has high clarity to showcase your product for many retail applications. It also has excellent printing characteristics for graphic-intensive applications.

Mailer Film

A fully opaque film available in a variety of polyethylene, co-extruded and designed to conceal the contents within the bag. Our mailer film offers superior sealing, strength and security.

Choose a more environmentally responsible film option with Polyrol’s affordable oxodegradable* blend.

Sizes and Film Gauges:
  • 150mm to 1250mm wide
  • 35µ to 100µ thickness
  • 250mm to 600mm outer dimension x 75mm core
Colours and Styles:
  • Clear or white
  • Plain or printed up to 8 colours, including surface or reverse printing
Download the Flat Film Data Sheet